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You Decide

Although in my professional mode I have been working with Photoshop for two decades, I generally don’t use it for my personal photos except to clean up an image in one way or another. I generally don’t use Photoshop for special effects on my own photos. Having said that, I had a lot of time on my hands and wanted to see how this photo would benefit – if at all – from a little different look.

Here is the original, exactly as it came from the camera …

And here is another way of looking at it …

Which do you prefer, and why? Comments on both photos welcome.



Edited to add:

The comments below made me wonder … what if the castle were removed completely, and Disney World were taken totally out of the picture? Does this change how you think of it?


Comments on: "You Decide" (4)

  1. I prefer photo # 1 for the same reason Jane mentioned — The Castle is more identifiable. (You’re getting quite fancy!)


  2. Hi Mark, I saw this on my phone and now have sat looking at it for some time here. I guess in the original the castle is identifiable, or it that just to me since Ihave your frosted image of it as a desktop? (now and then) However the aliveness of the rose in the black and white image speaks to me of life beyond what appears to have faded in thebackground. Perhaps the background is life as it was, and the rose represents hope for the future. So to me the second shot has value in and of itself, however it does not speak to me of DisneyWorld where as the first one does.


  3. Of the two, I prefer the original…the one on top. In the black and white shot…the blur of the castle makes it almost obscure. To improve the black and white, I would want to change the composition slightly. I would want to bring the flower up higher into the photograph.

    I’m not an expert (not even close), but I love photography and art…and I just thought I would share my opinion with you…since you asked. ;o)


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