Looking at life through the lens


Ever since the  time I was a youngster, I have loved taking pictures. My first camera was an Ansco Cadet Reflex which took 127 size film. I got it prior to 1964, but in April of that year, I bought my first roll of color film and exposed it at the NY World’s Fair. You very rarely saw me without my camera. I soon set up a darkroom, and a contact printer. It wasn’t until I was married that I would actually have an enlarger.

By that time, my camera was a 35mm Contax RTS. It would (along with a Yashica Mat 124 G) remain my camera until the age of digital photography was upon us. I took the camera everywhere and spent hours in the darkroom. Many of my prints got submitted into contests and publications and every so often I would hit the jackpot. In fact, at the very moment I was talking with President Jimmy Carter, an editor was placing one of my pictures into a magazine to go along with one of my articles.

After my daughter was born, however, the darkroom reverted back to our kitchen, and while I still took a lot of pictures, they were more of the snapshot variety that dads tend to take of their kids.Today they are the type that a grandpa takes of the grandtwins.

But a few years ago I saw a number of my friends posting their pictures and the old urge to go take pictures for the sake of taking them hit me hard. I purchased a Nikon D3100 and discovered the world of digital photography.  So today, armed with a Nikon D7100, I am back into the swing of things and seeing the world as I once did … through the lens.

What you will see here is a mix of 40 years worth of old photos among the new ones I am taking today. I hope you like them.

Mark L. Fendrick

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