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365 Project – 365 Days in Nature

I have committed to a year long project, 365 Days in Nature. You will find these photos at my 365 Project website. (You can reach it through the tab at the top of this page as well.)

Starting on January 1, 2013, I will be posting a photo that I have taken of some aspect of nature. Every photo will be one I have personally taken and prepared for this site, though there will be times that I reach back into my archives for any particular day.

There will be periods of time during which I will be traveling, and if possible I will have photos set and ready to go live. However, there will be times when that will not be possible, and when that happens, any missing days will be added in when I return home – or to a place where I have access to the tools I need to prepare and post my photos.

Here is a preview of the type of photo you may see on this page during the year. In fact, it is the photo which I have used as the background of this site. See you on January 1, 2013!

(Note: All photos appearing on this site are © Mark L. Fendrick)

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